Officers & e-board

President/station manager - Eric bentsEn

Hey everyone! My name is Eric Bentsen. I am currently a junior, from New York, and a Media & Comm. major. I currently do two shows with JWU Live. My music show is called “Rockin’ It,” and my other show is called “J3 Sports Talk.” I grew up as a huge KISS fan and I listen to all classic rock and metal. My show plays classic rock, alternative rock, and heavy metal classics from 1970 all the way to 2016! One thing I love to do is go to concerts. I have been to about 20 concerts and I just love seeing my favorite bands play live. I also love the Mets and I’m a huge sports fan!


Marketing director - tori Murphy 


Hey!! My name is Tori Murphy and I am currently a senior. I am a Counseling Psychology major and I am the Marketing Director for JWU Live. I run the JWU Live Instagram page and I am always working on new stuff with our President. I’m a huge country music fan, but you can find almost any genre of music on my Spotify. One thing I love about JWU Live is the station doesn’t just play one genre of music like most radio stations.






Event manager - Josh Kolodziejski

Hey Wildcats! My name is Joshua Kolodziejski aka Bilbo. I am a senior studying Sport, Entertainment, Event Management with interest in Promotions and Public Relations. I also dabble in events. I am the event manager and booking agent here for our station, NCC for IRHA, C.A.T Tour Guide, and a Resident Assistant in Xavier Hall. I am a huge Disney, power rangers, Pokémon, super hero nerd. I am addicted to Reality TV. I have auditioned for Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Hell’s Kitchen. I have worked with some big names like AJ Lee-Brooks, Martha Stewart, Jason Maomoa, Amy Jo Johnson, Bobby Flay and Will Freddie just to name a few. I love all types of music and can find me belting out anything that is stuck in my head. If you see me around say hey.
instagram and twitter: short_likeme91


Hello Wildcats! My name is James Amaral and I am one of the co-founders for JWU Live. I would like to take this time to thank you for your support! I founded JWU Live on the premise that it would one day be not only a form of entertainment but a mouthpiece for the Johnson & Wales community.

A little about me? I am a senior Media & Communications Studies major here at JWU. I grew up listening to country music (Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, among others).
I started my own radio show on Troy City Radio in Fall River, MA. when I was 16 and it ran weekly for 3 years. I love all sorts of music but my heart is in country. Follow me on Twitter @SomeDudeJames