Officers & e-board

President/station manager - Eric bentsEn

Hey everyone! My name is Eric Bentsen. I am currently a junior, from New York, and a Media & Comm. major. I currently do two shows with JWU Live. My music show is called “Rockin’ It,” and my other show is called “JWU Live SPORTalk.” I grew up as a huge KISS fan and I listen to all classic rock and metal. My show features classic rock, alternative rock, and heavy metal classics from 1970 all the way to 2017! One thing I love to do is go to concerts. I have been to about 20 concerts and I just love seeing my favorite bands play live. I also love the Mets and I’m a huge sports fan!


Marketing director - tori Murphy 


Hey!! My name is Tori Murphy and I am currently a senior. I am a Counseling Psychology major and I am the Marketing Director for JWU Live. I run the JWU Live Instagram page and I am always working on new stuff with our President. I’m a huge country music fan, but you can find almost any genre of music on my Spotify. One thing I love about JWU Live is the station doesn’t just play one genre of music like most radio stations.






Event manager - Josh Kolodziejski

Hey Wildcats! My name is Joshua Kolodziejski aka Bilbo. I am a senior studying Sport, Entertainment, Event Management with interest in Promotions and Public Relations. I also dabble in events. I am the event manager and booking agent here for our station, NCC for IRHA, C.A.T Tour Guide, and a Resident Assistant in Xavier Hall. I am a huge Disney, power rangers, Pokémon, super hero nerd. I am addicted to Reality TV. I have auditioned for Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, and Hell’s Kitchen. I have worked with some big names like AJ Lee-Brooks, Martha Stewart, Jason Maomoa, Amy Jo Johnson, Bobby Flay and Will Freddie just to name a few. I love all types of music and can find me belting out anything that is stuck in my head. If you see me around say hey.
instagram and twitter: short_likeme91

DJ's for JWU live

Wesley Witcher

From the capital to the state, to the country, to the world comes Wesley Witcher. 

Hey everyone! My name is Wesley Witcher majoring in entrepreneurship this is my first year on jwulive. My plan for the future is to manage and own my own radio station and have my own talk show. I am fun, exiting, and love to be with people. Out of my two favorites I would pick Star Wars over Harry Potter, yes a Jedi at heart. I play both piano and guitar. I like to play golf and caddy at my country club. I am also very into film anything from Charlie Chaplin to Steven Spielberg to Christopher Nolan. I am a fan of people who are into the arts and are willing to give others a chance. I believe that education is important but it is just as important to surround yourself with people that will raise you up. Positivity, attitude, and perseverance is the key to a successful life.

Christie Candrilli

I’m Christie Candrilli. A senior at Johnson & Wales University. I’m majoring in Media Communications. I’m from River Vale, New Jersey. I’m an avid concert enthusiast with a passion for all things country. My radio show is centered around country music and my passion for it! If you love Carrie Underwood or Keith Urban chances are your listening to the right show!


Hello Wildcats! My name is James Amaral and I am one of the co-founders for JWU Live. I would like to take this time to thank you for your support! I founded JWU Live on the premise that it would one day be not only a form of entertainment but a mouthpiece for the Johnson & Wales community.

A little about me? I am a senior Media & Communications Studies major here at JWU. I grew up listening to country music (Toby Keith, Garth Brooks, Blake Shelton, among others).
I started my own radio show on Troy City Radio in Fall River, MA. when I was 16 and it ran weekly for 3 years. I love all sorts of music but my heart is in country. Follow me on Twitter @SomeDudeJames