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Vice President/station manager - Eric bentsEn

Hey everyone! My name is Eric Bentsen. I am currently a Senior, from New York, and a Media & Comm. major. I currently do a few shows with JWU Live. My main show is called “Rockin’ It.” I grew up as a huge KISS fan and I listen to all classic rock and metal. My show features classic rock, alternative rock, and heavy metal classics from 1970 all the way to 2018! One thing I love to do is go to concerts. I have been to about 20 concerts and I just love seeing my favorite bands play live. I also love the Mets and I’m a huge sports fan! Like my show’s Facebook page @RockinItJWULive

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Wesley Witcher

From the capital to the state, to the country, to the world comes Wesley Witcher. 

Hey everyone! My name is Wesley Witcher majoring in entrepreneurship this is my first year on jwulive. My plan for the future is to manage and own my own radio station and have my own talk show. I am fun, exiting, and love to be with people. Out of my two favorites I would pick Star Wars over Harry Potter, yes a Jedi at heart. I play both piano and guitar. I like to play golf and caddy at my country club. I am also very into film anything from Charlie Chaplin to Steven Spielberg to Christopher Nolan. I am a fan of people who are into the arts and are willing to give others a chance. I believe that education is important but it is just as important to surround yourself with people that will raise you up. Positivity, attitude, and perseverance is the key to a successful life.