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Talk Nice

Talk Nice, a weekly talk show is hosted by Francisco Maroto, Elizabeth James, and Jaylen Mills. Along with special guests, they talk about current events in the world, sports, music, and also include a neat segment to the show known as poll talk. Come join us every Saturday evening 5pm on JWU Live where we Talk Nice.


Wesley Here and Now

Wesley Here and Now is an interactive show with a fun atmosphere. This weekly show is hosted by none other than honor roll student Wesley Witcher and had a new and exciting show every week. Join the Wes every Wednesday at 5:00pm for stories about school life, world events, music, laughs and a good time. It’s five O’clock somewhere and you better believe it’s Wesley Here and Now!


Alice’s Restaurant (feat. Catman)

Will and Willis present a new talk show coming to JWU Live. A show that is not afraid to break the leaps and bounds of modern society. Through this courageous act of charity, you are gifted with the show you see before you— “Alice's Restaurant.” Allow your ears to be relaxed and massaged as you are taken upon a journey along memory lane.

Featuring musical host Catman Louis.

Alt Hour.jpg

Alt Hour

Alternative Hour, a weekly show hosted by JWU junior Stephanie Nelson, is the perfect place to hear all of the latest and greatest alternative music! Tune in Mondays or Fridays at 8 PM to hear everything from Coldplay to Nirvana.


Rockin’ It With Eric

Eric is now a senior and has done 70+ shows. One of the most successful shows on the JWU Live airwaves, and one of the most consistent shows in the history of JWU Live! He also DJs for WBRU, and radio is something that he has fallen in love with since joining JWU Live. Anyway, this show features classics from the 60s,70s,80s, 90s, and 2000s. Everything from classic rock, alternative rock, and heavy friggin metal. ‘Rockin’ It’ comes on every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m. You will hear bands like KISS, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, and others every single week. Like the show on Facebook @RockinItJWULive for weekly updates about the show and other music news!


Shows, Sports & Stuff

Sports, Shows and Stuff is about TV shows, university sports, and other topics. One topic usually mentioned as other is music whether it be in English or a foreign language. I have done interviews with athletes from various teams. My show airs Mondays at 2pm.


Good Kids in a Mad City

Good Kids in a Mad City is JWU Live’s premier source of the latest rap music as well as throwbacks from the 90’s and 2000’s. We talk about current events in the hip hop scene as well as discuss your favorite artists newest albums. We air on Friday’s at 4 pm.


Yawn Radio

Playing some of my favorite music, that you probably haven't heard of, and discussing various topics with friends.


Wildcat Wizards

Wildcat Wizard's is a variety show, hosted by Brian Thornber, Wesley Witcher, and Eric Bentsen. We're a bi-weekly show with a rotating guest, talking about everything and anything we can talk about. From conspiracy theories to Wii sports, come laugh along side us, Thursdays at 8pm only on

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